KOIOSSIAN™ Solutions and Services

Koiossian's solutions and services can help solve your organization's most challenging Digital Infrastructure Management problems.

sýnesis™ Solutions

Our sýnesis™ solutions provide deep insight into digital infrastructures of any scale. sýnesis™ combines advanced machine learning techniques to analyze massive amounts of data from hundreds of sources. Combined with a simple, yet powerful user interface, users are able to quickly identify and focus on the most important issues within their environment.


ElastiFlow™ is the most popular open-source solution for collecting and visualizing network flow data with the Elastic Stack. It is so good Elastic used it to create Logstash's Netflow Module. Building on that foundation, sýnesis™ provides advanced analytics, alerting and enhanced visualization options which work together to provide deep insights into your network traffic.

The KOIOS Reference Architecture

Assembling an open source based solution requires specialist skills and time, two resources that you may find in short supply. Fortunately we have put in the work for you. The KOIOS Reference Architecture leverages components from Elastic Stack, InfluxData, Confluent (Kafka), Redislabs and others to provide a world-class Digital Infrastructure Management Solution.

Implementation Services

Our solutions can be deployed in many environments. Whether your requirements include physical servers, virtual machines, containers, public cloud or a combination of all of the above, our team of specialists will help you decide on the best deployment scenario for your business, and complete the implementation efficiently and to the highest standards.


Things can go wrong from time to time. The Koiossian team will be your first point of contact, working with you to solve any issues that you may encounter with your deployment. When necessary we will work directly with the organizations behind the deployed open source frameworks to ensure a quick resolution and keep your users happy.

Updates and Maintenance

Change is certain. As additional vendors and technologies are deployed in your environment, we will ensure that support for any new infrastructure is added quickly and efficiently to the Koiossian management solution. You will also be able to take advantage of all of the new features developed in cooperation with our users and eco-system partners.

Our Technology Stack


Anovis IT Services

Anovis IT Services

Network Consulting / Engineering

"There's great power in combining all the filters + the different Data Sources, I can analyse an Incident/Anomaly without a packet dump, drill down in already available data and then surgically prepare my tcpdump/netshark filter to find offending stuff. It is a very, very great Tool, thanks for that!"

Imagine Software

Imagine Software

Systems Engineer

"We absolutely love ElastiFlow and recently stood it up in production. Looking forward to new functionality and dashboards."