KOIOSSIAN’s sýnesis™ solutions bring together data from heterogenous environments of any scale. Operators and analysts are provided immediate insights across all data sources, thanks to a suite of seamlessly integrated dashboards and analytics methods.

The KOIOS Data Model is what separates sýnesis™ solutions from lesser offerings.

sýnesis is – reasoning that joins implicit (indirect) truths for comprehension, facts joined together for holistic understanding.

It is the KOIOS Data model, the common schema to which all incoming data is transformed, which allows our solutions to provide deep insights – sýnesis – from the massive volumes of data produced by today’s IT environments.

sýnesis™ Security Analytics provides IT and security leaders deep insights into the most pertinent information related to cyber risks in their environments.

sýnesis™ Network Flow Analytics provides advanced analytics, alerting and enhanced visualization options which work together to provide deep insights into your network traffic.

sýnesis™ DNS Analytics allows operations and security teams to quickly identify policy violations, unusual user behavior and malware threats through real-time analysis of DNS query logs.