Security Analytics with the Elastic Stack...
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KOIOSSIAN’s sýnesis™ solution for security analytics allows you to collect, correlate and analyze data from network and security devices and existing security tools, including SIEM sources. It provides IT and security leaders, as well as other stakeholders, deep insights into the most pertinent information related to cyber risks.

The KOIOS Data Model

sýnesis for security analytics leverages the KOIOS Data Model. This comprehensive model for all security, infrastructure and machine data, makes it easy to gain immediate insights. It allows common visualization and analytics of all data sources, even in the most heterogeneous environments. In particular sýnesis for security analytics leverages our LogConnection, DNS and Netsec models, making it easy to identify network threats regardless of the system that has observed the traffic.

We also process and keep the original representation of the data, allowing you to leverage any valuable information specific to each vendor’s unique features. It really is the best of both worlds.

Reputation Scoring

sýnesis for security analytics automatically compiles IP reputation data from nearly 400 sources (including the analysis of attacks against our own honeypot network). This information is normalized into a common taxonomy (also part of the KOIOS Data Model) and is used to tag each network conversation participant with reputation details. sýnesis for security analytics leverages this knowledge to identify your most at-risk servers and services, as well as the network clients which display the riskiest behavior.

Supported Technologies

sýnesis for security analytics supports a multitude of data sources out-of-the-box… and more is on the way! Our turnkey integrations include popular firewalls and network equipment, as well as widely-deployed security applications and IDS/IDP solutions.

For a complete list of solutions see our Integrations Page.

We can also help you to integrate any relevant data source. Contact us for more information.

Deployment Environment

Like all KOIOSSIAN solutions, sýnesis for security analytics is built upon the foundation of the Elastic Stack, Kafka, redis and various ingestion technologies. It can be deployed on the open source version of each solution. However, users of the commercial options can receive even greater value. KOIOSSIAN provides a comprehensive of library of Machine Learning jobs and Alert definitions (watches) which provide even deeper insights for Elastic X-Pack users.

NOT YET AN X-PACK CUSTOMER? Contact us… we can show you how X-Pack can be properly leveraged to ensure your return on the investment.