Built by Koiossian’s founders, ElastiFlow™ is the most popular open-source solution for collecting and visualizing network flow data with the Elastic Stack. It is so good that Elastic used it to create the Logstash Netflow Module.

Building on that foundation, sýnesis™ Network Flow Analytics takes a big step forward. It provides advanced analytics, alerting and enhanced visualization options which work together to provide even deeper insights into your network traffic.

sýnesis™ allows you to leverage your network flow data for performance management, capacity planning and network security use-cases. It can be deployed for environments of any scale, while providing users a single, seamlessly integrated experience.

The following table shows the additional value offered by sýnesis™ Network Flow Analytics compared to both ElastiFlow™ and the Logstash Netflow Module.


Logstash Module



Netflow v5

Netflow v9



Packetbeat Flow Records

Support for Bi-directional Flows

Support for Sampled Flows

Support for Proxied Flows

Application Recognition

Custom Visualizations

Advanced Dashboards

Client/Server Detection (basic)

Client/Server Detection (advanced)

IP Reputation Tagging (basic)

IP Reputation Tagging (advanced)

Normalized to KOIOS Data Model

Established Connection Detection

Conversation Tracing

Detailed Traffic Categorization

Flow Logging